Why DropFox

Fox News is a uniquely destructive force.

Fox has leaned even further into its extremist programming. In addition to routinely broadcasting bigoted, divisive rhetoric, they pushed deadly misinformation about COVID-19, as well as advanced the “big lie” that lead to the insurrection on January 6. What’s more, Fox News has crowned xenophobic white nationalist Tucker Carlson as the face of the network across all hours of its programing on cable and its streaming service, Fox Nation. All while telling advertisers that there’s more to the network than just Carlson.

Many major brands have taken a stand and pulled their ads from Fox News or dramatically scaled down their ad buys. The dangerous conspiracy theories have metastasized from prime time across the entire network, including and especially during Fox’s so-called “straight news” shows. At this point, when brands choose to place ads on Fox News, it’s all but guaranteed that controversy will be coming their way.

While Fox News earns more from cable subscriber fees than it does from advertisers, the advertiser money only serves to add to the bottom line of a company fundamentally built around extremist lies, anti-vaccine misinformation and dangerous conspiracy theories. Financially supporting Fox News’ dangerous misinformation bigotry, and hate is guaranteed to damage the reputation of any brand aligned with the network and there’s no reason anyone has to underwrite that.

Stop funding lies and hate; don’t buy ads on Fox News.