Fox News is bad for business.

Financially supporting Fox News’ dangerous medical misinformation, bigotry, and hate is guaranteed to damage the reputation of any brand or shareholder. A new study shows that over a six-month period, Fox News undermined the Biden administration’s vaccination campaign 99% of days. No one should underwrite Fox’s perpetuation of the pandemic, especially when it means financially benefiting from the spread of deadly medical misinformation. Your money and your investment fuel Fox’s misinformation.

Fox News’ Leading Advertisers

Over a six-month period, Fox News undermined the Biden administration’s vaccination campaign 99% of days. In an earlier six-week period, nearly 60% of the network’s vaccine segments included claims undermining or downplaying vaccinations. At the same time, its parent company Fox Corp. instituted COVID-19 vaccine and testing requirements that are more stringent than anything mandated by the Biden administration. Meanwhile, CEO Lachlan Murdoch personally defended vaccine conspiracy theories pushed by network hosts.

The company’s blatant hypocrisy has been on full display in the contrast between its offices and airwaves: Employees must follow completely different rules from what its news network personalities preach. Fox News has consistently undermined public health efforts to protect people from COVID-19 by pushing dangerous medical misinformation for nearly two years.

Fox Corp.’s annual shareholder meeting in Los Angeles will also feature elements that totally contradict Fox News’ editorial line: vaccination passports, mask requirements, and a variety of other COVID-19 safety measures. Fox News has no problem killing its viewers by pushing deadly medical misinformation, but now the network is protecting its shareholders from COVID-19 while using their money to perpetuate the pandemic.

Why have so many brands stopped advertising on Fox News? It’s simple: Fox News isn’t just toxic, it’s deadly.

Letter to Advertisers

In an open letter to media buyers during the television industry’s upfront period, a coalition of more than 40 nonprofit organizations urged media buyers not to buy advertisements on Fox News, warning that any ad spend on the network will fund the promotion of COVID conspiracy theories, bigotry and lies.