Fox News is bad for business.

Fox News is bad for business.

Financially supporting Fox News’ Kremlin-approved propaganda, deadly medical misinformation, bigotry, hate, and anti-abortion extremism is guaranteed to damage the reputation of any brand or shareholder. 

Over a six-month period in 2021, Fox News undermined the Biden administration’s vaccination campaign 99% of days. Little has changed in 2022 as, according to a new Media Matters analysis, Fox programs have consistently lied at least once a day. Aligning with Fox is a gamble — and no one should roll the dice and underwrite Fox’s deadly and self-serving lies. Your money and your investment fuel Fox’s misinformation and put your brand at risk.

Fox News’ Leading Advertisers

Why have so many brands stopped advertising on Fox News? It’s simple: Fox News isn’t just toxic, it’s deadly. And Fox continues to let its viewers and advertisers pay the price while the network profits.

Fox News has crowned xenophobic white nationalist Tucker Carlson as the face of the network across all hours of its programing on cable and its streaming service, Fox Nation. During a recent earnings call, Fox Corp. CEO Lachlan Murdoch touted Fox’s success without mentioning the network has gone all in on Carlson’s toxic brand of extremism. In fact, Fox’s public relations strategy has consistently followed this pattern: because they know the risk to advertisers and brands associated with this noxious commentary.

Changes to Fox News’ weekday lineup should further frighten advertisers, as they show that the network continues to double down on a business model of racism, extremism, and lies. The network has decimated any semblance of a “news” side and is amplifying a new wave of bad actors and bigots including Jesse Watters, Jeanine Pirro, and Greg Gutfeld. Fox’s unrestrained bigotry, from pushing white nationalist “great replacement” conspiracy theories to fearmongering about so-called “critical race Theory” to attacking trans kids, is core to its future.

Letter to Advertisers

In an open letter to media buyers during the television industry’s 2021 upfront period, a coalition of more than 40 nonprofit organizations urged media buyers not to buy advertisements on Fox News, warning that any ad spend on the network would fund the promotion of COVID conspiracy theories, bigotry and lies.